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Sightlines — Crisp Maltings’ MD Euan Macpherson to Retire

After almost 30 years with the company, Crisp Malting Group Managing Director Euan Macpherson is to retire. Since Macpherson joining the company in 1987 the malting company, which is based in Norfolk, UK, has tripled production to 430,000 tons annually. Adrian Dyter, formerly of Carlsberg and Boortmalt, will succeed Macpherson in his role as Managing Director.

Crisp are now the largest malting company in Europe, and their malt, which is used not just by brewers but also by distillers and food producers, is exported throughout the entire world. Currently 8% of all malt supplied by Crisp to the brewing industry is sold to businesses who identify as craft brewers, a figure that is surely set to increase year on year. 

Macpherson brought passion and enthusiasm to his role throughout his tenure. When I met him earlier this year he described malted barley to me as “the soul of the beer – hops are just the lipstick.”

The demand for quality malted barley is growing exponentially, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the US, where many craft brewers are undergoing huge expansions. Barley farming and malting production in the US is not currently growing at a fast enough rate to meet this increased demand. With the dollar/pound exchange rate currently favoring the US, will Crisp suddenly see an increase in demand for their product from American producers?

— Matthew Curtis


Crisp Malting Group MD Steps Down – Via The Brewers Journal