Good Beer Hunting


Upcoming Events

We are hosting an Uppers & Downers Case Study with Barista Parlor during the Craft Brewer's Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

And, after the success of our first London-based Uppers & Downers event last fall, we're growing our UK fest to feature more brewers, more roasters, more attendees, and more space. For more information, check out the UD London event page or for a direct link to U&D fest tickets, head to Eventbrite.

For 3+ years, World Barista Champion, Stephen Morrissey + Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting have been working with some of the most creative brewers and roasters in the country to create and showcase innovative coffee beers, and bring together two of our most progressive craft cultures.

Through a series of festivals, and educational and competitive events, the series has inspired some amazing creations that explore the edges of our collective palates, technical knowledge, and artistry. 

There are already so many stories to share. And we're doing our best to capture them here. Follow along with #uppersanddowners and see what happens next.  

Through this ongoing process, we've invented three new categories for coffee beers:

// Roasty Toasty — all those dark porters and stouts that we know and love. Chocolatey dream-boats. 

// Light Bright — goldens, pales, IPAs and more that play with the unique balance of pine and citrus notes, bright fruits, hop bitterness and aromas. 

// Culture Clash — anything goes in this category that smashes flavors together in unprecedented ways. Ciders, saisons, funky and sour, coffee and cascara. You're not ready.