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Sightlines — Alesmith Expands Distrbution to Nevada

San Diego’s Alesmith Brewing Company is to begin distributing to Las Vegas and Southern Nevada within the next month. Distribution will be via a new agreement with Las Vegas-based Bonanza Beverage Company. 

In April I visited the brand new 105,500 square foot Alesmith facility in Miramar, a short drive from downtown San Diego. This new brewery is home to a brand new, hard-piped 80-barrel system, which will allow Alesmith to produce its range of English-inspired ales at significantly greater volumes.

Few markets can support craft breweries like San Diego. The sprawling city is home to countless taps, liquor stores, bottle shops, cafes and restaurants looking to stock as wide a range of craft beer as they can carry. However, with its recent expansion Alesmith will need to look further to find the business that with enable them to sustain this growth and emerging markets, such as Nevada, are perfect for this.  

Las Vegas in particular has seen a flood of craft distribution in recent years after much delay. In a town used to exceptional margins on wine and spirits, liquor buyers were slow to see craft beer as a premium product that belonged on the floor of high-spend casinos and venues. Now, with brands like Goose Island going as far as to open a taproom in the area, the momentum seems to have shifted.

— Matthew Curtis + Michael Kiser