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The Fervent Few — And Now a Word From Our Sponsor

Another football season has come and gone, and with it a mountain of beer commercials. Corn syrup, ASMR, The Dude, oh my! Of course, none of them featured craft beer. So this week, we asked the Fervent Few to pick a brewery and give them the Dilly Dilly treatment. Some of these ideas are a bit goofy, but hey, beer is fun, right? Here’s how we’d do a craft beer commercial.


Tim Decker: “Not really craft, but Lagunitas would cross-promote with Heineken and do an ad with James Bond saving Cheech and Chong from a terrorist. I can already see Tommy’s hair blowing in the wind as they jump out of an airplane and the boat they land in is being driven by a dog with a spot over its eye.”

Tait Forman: “I want a Keystone commercial to be followed by an anti-Keystone commercial from Stone.”

Arvo: “I would love to see Ken Grossman on my TV screen during the Super Bowl. An entire 30-second ad talking about the Resilience IPA and all of the money being raised. At the end of the ad, they give out their Venmo information so you can donate right then. Just imagine how many people they could get to donate a buck or two. Might even be enough to cover the cost of the commercial.”

Maia Kazaks: “I love *time-lapse*. How about a twirling young hop bine shoot grasping the rough sisal twine and racing nearly 20 feet in the air, then exploding with side-arms blooming hop cones, cut in with clips of young, wild mushrooms growing and unfolding; raspberry canes budding, flowering, setting and coloring their fruit; cilantro herbs leafing out, flowering and drying out to make coriander seeds, etc. (you could add juniper berry development, lavender flowering, and more). Then the ingredients come together at the end of the ad, a dark background, a still view of an effervescent flight: a cluster of cones in front of a rich golden pint, the mushrooms casually leaning on a hefty tulip of farmhouse ale, a glowing chalice of raspberry Weisse with a juicy pile of fruit in front, and a jelly glass of Wit with a side of leafy herbs and coriander seeds. ‘Agrarian. We grow beer from the roots of our farm.’ I'm sure Scratch and others could do a very similar one as well.”

Jason Berg: “I think a collaboration ad with breweries from around the country would be the best approach to a national ad to encourage folks to find their local taprooms and how they are involved in the community, including Resilience IPA, community spaces, and volunteer events.”

Nick Yoder: “I don't care who it is as long as the ad focuses on date coding beer.”

Austin L. Ray: “Based purely on aesthetics and taste, I think the Allagash team would make one of the most beautiful commercials in the history of beer. Give me some gentle music and those folks with a camera wandering around Maine. Then show me a big, tasty glass of White at the end. ~fin~”

Jim Plachy: “A lot of the bigger craft breweries have big, sprawling breweries. I’d love to see a drone shot over Tree House or have the camera pull back from the tanks at Half Acre. Then some shots of people enjoying themselves in the taproom. Follow that up with images of the core lineup and finish it off with a ‘we got something for everyone’-type of tagline. Not the most exciting or clever commercial, but we have to start somewhere.”

So, do you have a great idea for a craft beer commercial? Hit us up on Twitter and join the Fervent Few. We’re full of ideas!

Hosted by Jim Plachy