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I joined Fervent Few because of all the craft beer publications out there, I truly believe GBH is generating the most unique, creative, and intelligent content. Also I like GBH’s holistic approach to craft beer. The more diverse a publication is the more diverse an audience it will attract, and from that hopefully the more diverse the beer community will become, and I appreciate that GBH is aware of that.
— Shannon Vinson, Creature Comforts


Funding the future
We believe that every publication's first priority should be the edification of its readers. That's why we want to see our subscriber base grow and fund the future of our content. While other digital publications struggle to meet the needs of their advertisers and investors, we've focused on creating a unique value for our readers, and then asking them to pay for what they love. It's working. 


Fans + pros engage
Our community, and our content, has always tried to bridge the gulf between drinkers and industry interests. It's a unique audience to target, but for beer it feels right. So many people take a keen interest in how their beer is made, by whom, and to what end. Now that growing audience is tuning in from around the world and sparking new conversations in our forum. 


Creating new value
Our readers aren't idle consumers of content. They have interests, concerns, and voices all their own. That's why we try to catalyze a productive dialog and turn that into compelling content that gets published right here on GBH—and shared on our podcast. As we get to know each other better, the opportunities to create new value, as a community, start to emerge. 

The Fervent Few is the first place I have found where there is an elevated conversation around the beer industry and culture. I discover new beers, trends, and information that truly interests me.
— Nate Wannlund, GRIST Brewing

Our funding model is diverse, and increasingly secure, thanks to our readers choosing to pay for the content they love. 


The Fervent Few gives me, as a passionate brewery owner, the chance to contribute to and debate issues which impact us every day, and some just for fun! The community allows me to gather diverse perspectives from outside the brewery’s four walls to help make better decisions and better beer.
— Daniel Lowe, Four Pure Brewing

The Fervent Few offers a pro-tier subscription that provides access for an entire company to the benefits of membership. These are the companies that have offered subscriptions to their entire staff, and are funding the future of GBH's content directly with the vote of their dollars (or Euros, British Pounds Sterling, and South African Rands). 

Each week members articulate their views on a timely or perennial topic that's shaped their experience in beer. 

I joined the Fervent Few to gain further beer industry insight and all I got was a bunch of rad, new friends (plus a whole boatload of knowledge, constructive discourse, and fun banter).
— Dave Riddile, The Collective Brewing Project

Occasionally we invite members onto the podcast to further expand on their opinions and experiences in beer. 

I joined The Fervent Few to support GBH and its ethos of transparency, thoughtfulness, and rationality. It is a beer community free from judgment and blind zealotry that welcomes members with open arms.
— Zack Rothman, Homebrewer

We attract avid photographers and voracious travelers. The Fervent Few Instagram account is where they shine.

For me The Fervent Few is a modern day Elks Lodge, but without all the smoking and male patriarchy. It’s more than just beer, it’s a place. It’s like all of the good parts of a cult without actually being in a cult.
— Brad Redick, Reader