Good Beer Hunting


144. Read. Look. Drink.

These are the words, images, and beers that inspired the GBH Collective this week. Drinking alone just got better, because now you're drinking with all of us.


READ. // "Sometimes people with money didn’t want to give it to people who needed it extremely badly, like how they didn’t want to offer sympathy or belief to those who had been victimized, as the act of needing was inherently thirsty, plus there was the way situations that caused you to become needy sometimes could render you disgusting and un-whole so the idea of joining forces with you was just, blaaaaarrrrb,…" We should all read more short stories, and Alice Sola Kim's surreal and elliptical "Now Wait for This Week" is darkly funny, brain-hurtingly weird, and more than a little topical.

LOOK. // I would lay my life down for Annie Clark, and I like to think that this video—which accompanies the excellent St. Vincent profile that GQ just published—makes it clear why. Annie illuminates the thought processes that underlie a number of her songs in a way that will probably resonate with anyone struggling in a creative domain.

DRINK. // Verdant Brewing Co's Putty
The deprivations of January left me in a maximalist frame of mind, and this well-hyped new beer from Verdant obliged. The brewery calls Putty "the hoppiest beer we have produced," and it's the kind of green that smacks the gums, one which you can nearly chew through. I initially picked up a can, but when I had it on tap a few days later, it was just as resplendently thick and unapologetically too-much.

READ. // "We all know the wall is his thing and he really does not like immigrants but it’s weird to think about how much he has committed to this right? He lives for that shit. Imagine that being your thing—having Mexican people walk in a different direction." Luke O'Neil's Welcome to Hell World newsletter is everything.

LOOK. // This guy does unbelievable Queen covers on YouTube, and you should spend as much time today as you can get away with watching them.

DRINK. // Four Quarters Brewing's Dolla Dolla Pilz
Shoutout to GBH's Kristen Foster for sending this—along with some other excellent NE-area beers for a recent podcast—my way. I hesitate to make wild claims after only drinking 16 ounces, but this is right up there with Suarez's Palatine and 2nd Shift's Technical Ecstasy as one of the best Pilsners I've tasted in my life.

READ. // "Sometimes 200 spectators would watch them from lawn chairs; there were times cars would drive by and men would shout ‘Get back in the kitchen!’ out the window at them." Britni de la Cretaz takes a look at the most legendary sports teams in history—the virtually unbeatable team The Troopers of the National Women's Football League.

LOOK. // A cohort of photographers document abandoned urban spaces in various parts of the world. Their work captures an eerie uneasiness and a sense that you're trespassing on time and someone else's memories.

DRINK. // Marz Community Brewing’s F2F #2 IPA
What goes with a breakfast sausage on a Frenched bun? Probably anything, but I certainly wasn't expecting to have something resembling a smoothie put in front of me when I ordered this beer. Lots of apricot and prickly pear turned out to be the perfect partner for brunch. A little thick, a little tart, a lot of good.

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