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Social media is always a popular (and divisive) topic within the world of beer—and it can be the source of a great deal of negativity in the industry. This week, however, we decided to take a positive stance, and asked members of The Fervent Few: who are their favorite Instagram follows? Read on for our top picks: these accounts are guaranteed to improve your feed.


Cory Smith: “MattTheList is one of my faves. He mixes in food and wine as well, but his imagery is always stellar. Jomando is another worth following; he works for SA Beer Magazine and has a nice documentary/observational feel to his work. ThePourtraits is also, definitely, a favorite. Matt captures portraits that make me extremely jealous.”

Brandon Morreale: “I second Jomando and also his film account.”

Andrés Muñoz:Beer Kulture. Their images are everything craft beer should be.”

Melissa Jones:Steph Byce is my idol. There’s also a guy named 16ozCanvas who celebrates the art of beer through the labels. He hosts interviews with the artists, and this year he will host his second art show with them. I really love his idea, because you get to hear the story behind some pretty incredible pieces of art, and it makes you realize that art can be an integral element to the entire process of a beer’s existence.”

Ashley Rodriguez: “I love Melissa Jones’ (BeautyoftheBeer) photos! I especially love the ones taken outside, which utilize nature.”

Rob Steuart: “There are two good local Instagrammers I follow: Guy Southern, who posts under the name GoodTimesCraftBeer, and Pia Poynton, who writes under the name GirlPlusBeer. Guy is heavily involved in the Australian craft scene, and writes for The Crafty Pint. Pia has worked for lots of different venues and breweries, and does a lot with Pink Boots. She has been recognized by the industry for her blog and social media work. Both Pia and Guy know their beer, but they also know the industry. They are not pretentious, and you can engage in some great dialogue with them about tastings and what is important in the local industry.”

Dustin Reiner: “If you want beautiful beer imagery, Emily Penrose, who posts under ABrewtifulMess, has you covered. She’s a long-time bartender at the best beer bar in town. She always knows her stuff, and creates stunning images around the beer she’s enjoying.”

Neal Buck: “Apropos of the recent influencer controversy, I'm a big fan of CraftBeerDeer. A while back, I stopped following a bunch of "influencer" IG accounts, but I kept following her because I love her photos so much (unfortunately, I don't have the photography vocabulary to explain exactly what it is that I like about her images).”

Matt Richardson:Kristen Foster for sure! Beautiful pictures and words.”

Tiffany Waldron: “I love Melissa Cole and Jaega Wise (yes, I’m partial to a female perspective on the industry).”

Who do you follow on social media? We’d love to know who we missed. Join The Fervent Few and tell us. Best of all, you’ll be supporting all the great content Good Beer Hunting produces. We hope to see you soon!

Hosted by Jim Plachy