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The Fervent Few Builds a Tap List

Recently, members of The Fervent Few built their ideal beer bar. So now, of course, it’s time to decide what we’re drinking. Here are the beers we absolutely have to have at our new favorite bar.


Pilsners appeared all over the suggestions, starting with Bryan Arndt, who nominated Firestone Walker’s classic Pivo Pils. Tim Decker wanted Russian River STS Pils on, while Neal Buck went all the way across the country to get Suarez Family Palatine Pils. Nick Yoder and Jason Dickinson then departed for Europe to source Pilsner Urquell. A pretty solid lineup if I do say so myself.

Of course we have to have some IPAs on tap, and I kicked things off with my favorite approachable hazy IPA: Solemn Oath End All. It’s one of the few examples of the style I’ve had that doesn’t drink like a meal. Arvo chimed in with the Midwest classic Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. Rob Cartwright wanted to drink Yazoo Hop Perfect because, t as the beer is only 5% ABV, you can enjoy a couple back to back. Andrés Muñoz also prefers something sessionable, so he went with Notch Left of the Dial. Ian Davis thinks Fat Head’s Head Hunter IPA is a good beer for people looking to branch out into IPAs, so it went on our tap list. Bryan Arndt wanted an OG on tap, so he requested Stone IPA. Finally, Ryan Deyo nominated the citrusy Grove by Brewery Bhavana.

Alex Marsh started thinking about dark beers right off the bat, and suggested Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter. Nick Yoder envisions drinking a perfect pour of Guinness every time he stops by. Maia Kazaks suggested Garage Project’s Day of the Dead, a chili-chocolate black lager for those times when you want something dark and flavorful without the ABV of an Imperial Stout. Willie Lee added 4 Hands Madagascar Coconut and Cocoa, because it is surprisingly balanced for all of the flavors it tries to pack in.

Many members of the Fervent Few proposed we serve low-ABV beers that you could have a few of while hanging out all day. Alex Marsh was the very first to chime in, and he wanted Sam Adams’ Sam ’76 on tap. Colleen O’Sullivan would just like some Tegernseer Hell, thank you very much. Thad Parsons added Central State’s Garden Gose to the mix, while Brandon Morreale was right behind him with Central State Table Beer. Dave Riddile could slam some Creature Comforts Athena any time. Bob Preece wanted to fill our casks with Burning Sky Plateau which, at 3.5%, is “summer in a glass”. Nick Yoder would  drink Jester King Noble King all day. David Purgason wished we could have Firestone Walker Pale 31 (RIP).

There were so many other great suggestions from the Fervent Few, from Saison Dupont  (the beer that changed everything for our own Michael Kiser) to contemporary classics like 3 Floyds’ Zombie Dust, 18th Street’s Candi Crushable, and Boulevard’s Tank 7. Lots of import (hey….where is this bar anyway?) choices like Boon Oude Geuze, Erdinger Weissbier, and Brasserie De La Senne Taras Boulba rounded out the offerings. Frankly, there were just too many to name. Thank you to all the members who brainstormed together to create our dream tap list.

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Hosted by Jim Plachy