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056. Read.Look.Drink.

These are the words, images, and beers that inspired the GBH collective this week. Drinking alone just got better, because now you're drinking with all of us.

Michelangelo  "Leda and the swan" . Photo by Prudence Cuming Assoc., LTD

Michelangelo "Leda and the swan". Photo by Prudence Cuming Assoc., LTD

READ. // “We joke with our partners and consumers that 8 is the new 5." While breweries are busy making "sessionable" Lagers and IPAs, Greater Good Imperial Brewing Company will help you catch a buzz much faster.

LOOK. // "Meet Steve, a newly discovered atmospheric phenomenon that’s so strange it still doesn’t have a formal scientific description."

DRINK. // Tree House Brewing Co.'s Doppelganger
I've been trying to better understand this whole NE IPA thing and the hype around it. I've been confused about how this style is significantly different than what's already on the market. Doppelganger is the first example that has shown me something different, mostly in the long lasting aftertaste on each sip. Also, murky as hell. The things we do for better understanding.

READ. // In 2017, why are still even having this argument about the environment and global warming—as if these are not already proven facts. "What Mr. Trump is trying to do to the planet’s climate will play out over geologic time as well. In fact, it’s time itself that he’s stealing from us."

LOOK. // Florence is a city that holds a trove of artistic masterpieces. I walked past the Medici Chapel near daily the summer I lived there. I had no idea there was a secret room of "lost" Michelangelo drawings and paintings

DRINK. // Werk Force Brewing Co.'s Internet Sniper
A fruited Berliner Weiss always just feels and tastes right when the weather starts warming up. I've been a fan of beers that lean more to the tart side for awhile. This one is a great balance of stone fruit flavor from the 60 lbs of peaches added to the barrels during secondary fermentation, plus the funk from the kettle souring and 10 months spent in French oak red wine barrels.

READ. // "What if the next big blue-collar job category is already here—and it’s programming?" IT has a generally mystifying affect on the population. Truth is, a lot of the basics—like compartmentalized coding and testing—are easily learnable even for the chronic Luddite. With all the talk about automation shrinking our collective job pool, it's fascinating to read where we all might be working when the robots have really taken over.

LOOK. // Kate Imbach takes social media analysis to a whole new level, reviewing Melania Trump's 470 Twitter and Instagram photos with both a photographic and psychological eye. While some people might think this borders on obsessive, her review is thoughtful and raises some interesting points about our new FLOTUS.

DRINK. // Oliver Brewing Company's Vae Victus
I've been drinking Oliver Ales in the Pratt Street Brew Pub next to Camden Yards for years, but this is the first time I've had a beer of theirs in a can—and it's from their brand spankin' new production facility, no less. It's a heavy hitter, too: the warmth from the 9% alcohol marries well with aggressively aromatic hopping in this DIPA. Label art is cool AF as well.

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