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Perfect Pour

Perfect Pour — Sound Brewery's Kanacitra American Pale Ale

Having an excuse to ferry out to Bainbridge Island is nice enough. While the rest of Seattle is scurrying through the morning mist to work, there's a noticeable lack of anxiety amongst the travelers headed out across the sound. And that includes the school buses full of kids yelling, "Field trip!"


So while an old-timer settles in for a short nap in the front seat of his station wagon, I head up to the restaurant for an early-in-the-day cup of clam chowder and an even-earlier-in-the-day beer: a Sound Brewery American Pale Ale called Kanacitra. This slightly hazy, bright copper Pale Ale finishes with a classic PNW bitterness and a bit of orange marmalade and caramel malt that's delightful against the slight brininess of the chowder and the cold gusts of wind off the sound as we pull anchor.


When I get a beer like this in such an unexpected place, I'm reminded of Louis C.K.'s "everything's amazing and nobody's happy" bit—a retort to us douchebags who feel entitled to critique a thing we didn't even know existed until a minute ago. So while I'm eating chowder out of a paper bowl with a flimsy spoon and the beer is spilling over the lip of an impossibly thin plastic cup that buckles under the delicate pressure of my nervous hand on the rail, I remember to express nothing except wonder at my good fortune. 


"This a one-way fare or round-trip?" the toll booth attendant asks.

"Maybe?" I eek out.

"Don't worry, hun, it's good for 90 days."

Words + Photos
by Michael Kiser