Good Beer Hunting

Announcing CIDER/FOOD — A New GBH Collaboration

Back in 2012 I was lucky to meet Ryan Burk and Eva Deitch the night they first met in Chicago. Ryan was a homebrewer and newly professional cider maker for Virtue Cider (their first, and the guy who got them on the wild fermentation track) and Eva was a photographer searching for her next artistic curiosity (she always will be). 

Since then they've moved to the Hudson Valley where Eva is surrounded by an incredible food and art culture she's documenting with matching skill. And Ryan is the cider maker for Angry Orchard's revelatory Walden, NY project in the Hudson Valley where he continues to be a leader in the wild fermentation and barrel aging practice taking hold amongst the US' most ambitious cider makers. 

Both of them continue to be a major influence on me and GBH. You can listen to my interview with Ryan on the podcast, and see some of Eva's photography work for GBH here and here. Eva also documents my family's growth with heart-stopping portraits. And GBH has gone on to articulate the vision and design the labels for Ryan's collaboration ciders at Angry Orchard, called Understood In Motion - a series very close to his heart. I'm so thankful that so much of our lives intertwine. 

In the years since they've met, they've been fortunate to travel for their work, meet remarkable chefs and cidermakers, and witness the tradition of cider and food from the fields to the table in a natural, intimate way. It's become the extraordinary ordinary of their lives. 

To support their vision, GBH has developed a new brand and editorial site devoted to Ryan and Eva's personal gustatory journey called CIDER/FOOD. It's going to start much the way GBH did - small and personal. The stories will be theirs, and the discoveries will be genuine. We'll be collaborating on a number of fronts, including events, experiences, and some larger editorial ambitions. But that's for the future - for now, we just want to welcome you in, get you fed, and start the conversation. 

Follow them live on Instagram here. And feast your eyes on CIDER/FOOD.

Collab by Michael Kiser