Good Beer Hunting

no. 418


The Thursday before Memorial Day weekend marked the official re-opening of the Trillium Garden on the Greenway. Now the third temporary/seasonal establishment that the brewery's operated over the last year or so, the summer beer garden in downtown Boston is serving up Trillium’s famous New England-style IPAs. That Friday, I found myself leaving work early to snag a beer on my walk home.

Crossing Atlantic Street, the Trillium sign becomes visible below the tree line and I spot a long line at the bar. A few more steps and I see the entrance, mobbed with people. As I walk, the line just keeps going. And going. All along the fence and down through the center of the Greenway are groups of friends, adults with strollers, and multi-generational families, all willing to wait for some unknown amount of time to taste Trillium’s juicy, delicious wares. Even with increased capacity for 150 people this season, the line is at least 100 people long.

I wonder if all these people know there’s a Trillium retail store a half mile away where they can get these same beers to go—probably without the line. Or that a few steps away are multiple other options for outdoor drinking—also probably lineless. Are they here for the beer, the outdoor experience, both? One thing's for sure: the humidity isn’t the only haze Bostonians are welcoming back this summer.