Good Beer Hunting

no. 417

B-Roll-Passionate People.jpg

An incomplete list of things I’m overly passionate about:

* music
* beer
* sandwiches
* wine
* cider
* cheese

I tend to get worked up a lot about things that may seem trivial to other folks. Just ask me about "shrettuce." Actually, you know what, don’t—it takes a lot out of me. I also enjoy being surrounded by passionate people, which aren’t hard to find in the beer community.

Sitting on the porch of Oddwood Ales in Austin recently, sipping Saison and wine while snacking on pizza, a particularly enthusiastic friend took us toward our inevitable destination. Anecdotal, with a hint of fact and a big dash of opinion, my buddy Chris dove into a story that jumped from wine to restaurants, back to wine, and on to, of course, beer.

You can see that it didn’t exactly end well. But we recovered, drank another glass, and got right back into the thick of some other wild, inane debate. That's what friends are for, right?