Good Beer Hunting

no. 419


Hey Doreen,

Listen, I know when you caught me taking this photo of you the other night you said "I better not be taking a b-Roll," and I know I said I wasn't. But you definitely knew I was lying.

I'm excited that this week sees you moving up to Manchester to start a new life, and a new challenge with your new job at Cloudwater. I'm also sad. Sad that London and its beer scene is losing one of its leading lights. I'm jealous that Manchester now gets to experience the vibrancy and merriment you've given us for years.

From the first time we met, where you were repping your former employers Five Points at Craving Coffee, I knew you had that rare energy. "This is someone that gets shit done," I thought. There's good reason why seemingly every beer drinker in London knows who you are, and why you had to find a few secret pubs so you could enjoy a pint in peace. Don't fret, I won't tell anybody where those are.

I know you're only moving a two-hour train ride away, and for all of us, that sure beats the other side of the Atlantic. But I wanted you to know you'll be missed. Please don't stay away too long. You'll always be "our Doreen."

Bonne chance,