Good Beer Hunting

no. 420


I could hear the music from a couple streets away, so I just followed the sound.

Turning the corner, I was greeted by a technicolor Mecca shining in the bank holiday sun. People spilled out onto the street, finding places between the stalls and food stands to share stories and beers. The music was loud and all-encompassing, the band encouraging people to come to the front and get involved. It was all so overwhelming in the best kind of way.

Brighton's Marlborough is a famous LGBTQIA venue, and it was hosting Fem.Ale Brighton, a festival that showcases beer and music made by women, and wraps up that showcase in a street party. It was quite probably the most inclusive beer event I've ever attended. Nobody cared what you looked like, how you were dressed, or who you had your arm around. There was no pretense, no arrogance, just great beer, good people, and a rare dose of English sun.