Good Beer Hunting

no. 408


Even though everyone else has gone home, a group of Fervent Few members gather at the Good Beer Hunting studio to soak in the last beers of Uppers and Downers 2018. The week that included a never-ending procession of cascara sours, barrel-aged coffee Stouts, espresso shots, coffee cocktails, and squid ink tacos has finally come to an end—and it was glorious.

We're sitting around shooting the shit and saying our goodbyes as GBH founder Michael Kiser wanders in with a big grin and an even bigger—like, truly comically large—bottle of TRVE Brewing's A Present For Those Who Are Present house Saison. It's a hazy, straw-colored beer with a grassy, rustic nose and a nuanced finish that would make some old-world farmhouse ales blush. And it's a bright and refreshing end-cap to a weekend overflowing with positive experiences—a present, indeed, for those of us still trying to stretch out an experience.