Good Beer Hunting

no. 409


I recently spent a day in Atlanta working with GBH's Editorial Director, Austin L. Ray, on the future of our site, its focus, and creative ways we can bring more voices into the fold.

Context is everything. 

Instead of an office or a hotel room, we set up shop in the Porter Beer Bar's cellar for the day. It's the kind of place that serves as the nexus for beer professionals and fans alike in the Little Five Points neighborhood, but also as a destination for visitors like me.

"It's all yours," said Molly Gunn, the bar's gregarious purveyor.

Over the years, GBH has done well to straddle the line between beer's biggest critics and the newly curious. And while we sometimes get hunkered down in the details, and other times lost in the exciting latitude of craft, travel, food, and other adventures, it continues to all come together for us into something fun and challenging for anyone interested in beer.

Once our work wrapped for the day, we invited in a couple more friends from The Last Beer Show to record a podcast over some bottles. [Editor's note: shoutout to Monday Night Brewing's Tears of My Enemies.] After that, we drank pints on the bench outside and people-watched with one of the members of our subscriber community, The Fervent Few

The context just seems to come with us these days.