Good Beer Hunting

no. 331


At the Marble Arch, an old pub in Manchester know for its sloping floors and stunning tile work, the staff takes just as much pride in what's underground. Downstairs, Paul, a brewery director, expertly manages his cask and keg beer side by side.

"Equipment like this never dies" he says, patting an old, rickety air conditioning unit on the head. 

There used to be a small gravity-fed brewery on site, with the brewhouse on the first floor and the fermentation vessels below. But it's since scaled up and moved out, leaving a good bit of room behind with only trench drains running under Paul's desk to hint at its former occupation. 

"Pardon the mess," he says, waving his hand over the shelves of bottles, bits of fittings, and scattered paperwork. "This is my space now, and it's usually just me down here."