Good Beer Hunting

no. 330


"She did a one-day trial at BrewDog on a weekday, I met her and got her CV by that weekend, and I held off on hiring her until that Monday," Cloudwater co-founder Paul Jones says.

More than a need to check boxes on a resume, breweries today are hiring for culture and interest. There are simply too many challenges ahead to rely on expertise and experience alone. Adaptability, mental elasticity, energy, and poise are all just as critical. And ideally getting a bit of all that in the right balance.

"Before anyone cared about what we we were doing at all, she asked if she could come see the brewery," Jones continues. "I can't tell you how much that meant. No one was asking that question."

Despite her rapid entry into the brewing world, Robyn has now been with Cloudwater for more than two years now. And to watch her work amongst the team, which seems entirely in sync even after a long night out and a late morning in, is to see someone with their boots firmly planted on the floor. Even when she's standing high above the tank farm on a ladder dumping bags and bags of hops into a vessel. All. Day. Long.