Good Beer Hunting

no. 332


My younger brothers and I are close, and over the years sharing beer has become a sibling custom. So when tickets for the Copenhagen Beer Festival in Boston went on sale, it was the perfect excuse to drag them north from Maryland.

Walking into the festival, I was captivated by the space. The exposed brick against the white glow of the lights strung across the venue, and the exposed steel beams a reminder that this place once produced the electricity powering Boston’s street cars.

My brothers and I separate to collect a few beers we can share. I walk up to the Cloudwater Brew Co. table and am face to face with Paul Jones. I hand him my glass and humbly say “you choose.” He takes the glass, grins and replies “I like that.”

The space is large and as the crowd swells it’s easy to lose sight of one another.  I weave through the attendees until I spot one brother, then the other. We reconvene with beers in hand, quietly savoring them amongst family. It means as much as words to me.