Good Beer Hunting

no. 316


Before I became a brewer, I would’ve never predicted how fondly I think of some of the friends I’ve made traveling around on the beer circuit. And I definitely wouldn’t have imagined having those friends sprinkled all across the country. After hitting up a few festivals—like the GBH team did at myriad Shelton events in Atlanta this weekend—and at least as many wine bars with these people, it’s easy to become good friends quickly. 

All the folks you meet in this industry—the ones who are serious about it, anyway—are following a passion. Many of them have given up other, more lucrative jobs for this life. They’re doing this because they care. In the short time I’ve been brewing at Creature Comforts, I’ve made some pretty killer friends. Luckily, my partner is also in the industry, and she’s put together an excellent crew of her own.

About a year ago, we were in the Pacific Northwest, sights set on Seattle. The boys at Holy Mountain Brewing and Matt from The Masonry were incredible hosts, building a lovely afternoon for us. We gathered around beer, swapped stories, and got advice on where to go next. We don’t talk often, but like many of these road relationships, I know I can show up for a beer or reach out with a question about brewing—and the feeling is mutual. I just can't wait to get on the road again.

Words and Photos
by Blake Tyers