Good Beer Hunting

no. 315

The expression on Brad Clark's face is one of appreciation, admiration, amazement. He's looking at his customers.

This past weekend, Clark and the rest of the Jackie O's crew played host to their most recent “calendar page” bottle release. On Friday morning, the doors of the brewpub swung open and folks who had been waiting outside streamed in, one by one, to claim the calendar page that would mark their place for the following day's allotment.

Each also received a big smile. Many, a hearty handshake. Some, a warm embrace.

In these days of palette-drop dock releases, proxies, tickers, and traders, it can be tough to recognize the romance of limited beer events. But Jackie O's looks at these events as family reunions of sorts—occasions for friends, old and new, to come together, catch up, tell stories, and enjoy the community the brewery has fostered for years.

Saturday morning, the public house opened early for a special bottle release breakfast. Afterward, Clark started collecting calendar pages, taking orders, and spending time with each of his visitors. And as the assembled customers walked away with their haul, they seemed to appreciate the genuine positive vibes almost as much as Clark did.