Good Beer Hunting

no. 317


It’s always exciting to set up a visit for a new story, making the trip, and learning everything about a brewery and the people that bring it to life. It’s all in the journey, as they say.

One of the unexpected perks of visiting breweries, taprooms, and other beer-centric locales is the multitude of sickeningly adorable animals I encounter. From brewery cats to baby goats, it’s turned into a bit of a running theme on the GBH Slack channel. And on my recent trip to Madison, Wisconsin for an interview with Levi Funk at Funk Factory Geuzeria, I met Olly.

He's a 100% pure-bred Squeezable Floppy Floof (apologies to WeRateDogs™) that almost—but not quite—convinced this crazy cat lady that a beer-loving dog might be a good complement to her bottle-cap chasing cat back home.