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Meheen Manufacturing and Wild Goose Canning Announce Merger

Washington-based bottling line manufacturer Meheen Manufacturing is merging with Colorado’s Wild Goose Canning. Both firms will continue to offer the same products, services, and support following the merger.

The craft brewery boom—there are currently more than 4,600 operating breweries in the U.S. alone—has provided each production stage within the industry a healthy boost. With multiple breweries both launching and continuing to expand, brewery equipment manufacturers such as Wild Goose and Meheen are reaping the rewards. It’s also a sign that industry consolidation is happening all along the chain, and is not exclusively occurring at breweries or distributors.  

This merger makes a lot of sense. Meheen gains access to the booming canning market. An increasingly high number of breweries are choosing to move into aluminum—550, in fact, according to Both firms will also now share considerable resources with each other. From manufacturing technologies to customer databases to support capabilities, there’s a lot to learn and gain for both companies.

—Matthew Curtis

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