Good Beer Hunting

Sightlines — Lost and Grounded Brewers Launches in Bristol, UK

After more than 18 months of planning, Lost and Grounded Brewers of Bristol, UK poured its first beers yesterday. Founded by Alex Troncoso—former brewer at Australia’s Little Creatures and Director of Brewing at London’s Camden Town Brewery—and his partner Annie, Lost and Grounded will be brewing on a Krones Microcube system. They've also assembled an experienced team, which includes former Sharp’s head brewer Stuart Howe. 

Bristol, which is located in the southwest UK, is fast developing into one of the richest areas for craft beer in the country. Already home to brewers such as Moor Brewing, Wiper & True, and Bristol Beer Factory, the city's beer scene is quickly growing to rival London and Manchester. Somerset's Wild Beer Company even opened its second bar in town, further enhancing the diversity.

The arrival of Lost and Grounded comes with a level of hyperbole not seen since Manchester’s Cloudwater launched in 2015. That kind of hype can be dangerous for a new operation, creating hurdles where you normally wouldn't need to jump. Meanwhile, Lost and Grounded’s setup includes a biological acidification plant, a piece of equipment that’s common in German brewing, but potentially the first of its kind installed in the UK.

—Matthew Curtis