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Sightlines — Anchor Announces Dry-Hopped Steam Beer

San Francisco’s Anchor Brewery will soon release a dry-hopped variant of its classic Anchor Steam Beer. Described by Brewmaster Scott Ungermann as a “radically traditional twist,” this new riff on Anchor Steam features an undisclosed blend of traditional and new world hops. Dry-Hopped Anchor Steam hits shelves next month and will be available through December.

As the popularity of classic craft brands such as Fat Tire, Boston Lager, and Anchor Steam slowly-but-gradually wane, breweries are continually looking for new ways for their flagship brands to maintain relevance in the marketplace. Releasing a dry-hopped variant of Anchor Steam is a shrewd one, as it’s almost guaranteed to pique the interest of beer lovers who have long since moved on from the ubiquitous California Common.

Anchor has added a few new lines to their range in recent years, including a Saison and a couple of IPAs. But this move is something different. Like New Belgium's Fat Tire collaborations, Anchor's serving up a new look at an old recipe—evidence that craft beer's old guard is still nimble enough to adapt. 

—Matthew Curtis

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