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Sightlines — Brooklyn Brewery launches its own Record Label

New York City’s Brooklyn Brewery has launched its own record label… in the UK. Partnering with London based band The Graveltones, Brooklyn is to release a live album printed on green vinyl to match its own livery in support of the two-pieces forthcoming shows.

Brooklyn Brewery is pouring heaps of cash into its UK marketing and operations. As well as launching this record Brooklyn recently held a string of events in London as part of its yearly Mash celebrations. This included the Brooklyn Mansion, a huge space dedicated to promoting its varied range of beers – at which The Graveltones also performed. Launching this label is simply the continuation of what’s proving to be a very successful and profitable export plan.

Few other breweries, except perhaps Sierra Nevada and Founders, are putting this much time, effort and money into growing its UK presence. The UK is the fourth largest export market for U.S. craft beer after Canada, Ireland and Sweden respectively. U.S. craft exports in Western Europe grew 33% year on year according to the latest figures from the Brewers Association.

Is the growth in the U.S. craft beer export market an indicator of difficulty in growing brand back home? Or is it indicative of a growing relevance of American brands abroad?

— Matthew Curtis