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Sightlines — Green Flash Brewmaster Moves On To New Gig

Brewmaster Chuck Silva, an 11-year vet at Green Flash Brewing in San Diego, has decided to move on. After helping build Green Flash into the iconic brand it is today, Chuck will be opening a brewery – his brewery – called Silva Brewing Co. in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Green Flash has helped solidify the ‘west-coast IPA’, along with several other delicious beers, and Chuck was an integral part of their growth. The news reminds us that many in the brewing industry have a dream to chart their own destiny, despite the security or prominence that may come from working at a place like Green Flash. We celebrate those who channel their passion to embrace the risk and unknown that comes with launching a new brewery. And we’re glad to see this was an amicable separation, where we expect both sides to prosper.

It's also a good reminder that talent retention is a major issue facing breweries, especially those that become dedicated to brewing a smaller portfolio for a regional and national audience. Ensuring that creativity and innovation remain at the heart of the job is critical. But even then, the desire to go it alone is a drive too strong to fight for many.
Nate Micklos