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Sightlines — The Good & The Bad: Water Shortage in California

The widely reported California water drought has had a far-reaching impact on many industries, including breweries. Many of which have been making careful efforts to minimize their impact to the water supply while maintaining steady production and performance. And then, there are corporations like Nestle that appear to stay focused more on the bottom line than the environment from which they source their product (and profit).

It’s encouraging to see breweries make strides to reduce their environmental impact while continuing to produce great beer and stay in business. By auditing water usage throughout their supply chains and production processes, and working collaboratively with local water agencies, breweries like Sierra Nevada, Anderson Valley, and Bear Republic have found ways to reduce and re-use water. On the contrary, a recent article claimed that Nestle continues to extract massive amounts of water for brands like Arrowhead 100% Mountain Spring Water at nearly no cost (in one instance, a mere $524 annual fee). It serves as a reminder of the amazing potential of the craft beer industry as a retort to the status quo.  — Nate Micklos

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