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Sightlines — Why are so many craft brewers selling out?

Tony Magee at the opening of Lagunitas Chicago

Tony Magee at the opening of Lagunitas Chicago

An unprecedented string of major acquisitions seems like just the beginning for craft beer's next major leap into the mainstream. And while not all deals are created equal — "selling out" is an accusing way to describe a business deal — money talks. 

In a follow-up to our conversation with Greg Hall who just took part in his second acquisition with An-Inbevin the last 5 years, Crain's asks the big question: why? While everyone's road to selling might be different, in the end, everyone has to ask themselves the same kinds of questions. Are we sustainable? Are we sized right for the opportunity? Should we be growing? Do I want to do this anymore? Can I live with myself if I sell?

Tony Magee's deal selling half of Lagunitas to Heineken, one of the wold's great beer duopolies if you're in South America, one of his target markets, isn't meaningfully different than others' despite its is staggering in size. And yet, for many it's indicative of the end of independence for larger craft brewers who have all been asking themselves if going it alone is even possible. — Michael Kiser

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Why are so many craft brewers selling out? via Crain's Chicago