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Sightlines — Peet’s Coffee & Tea Acquires Specialty Coffee Brand Stumptown

Peet’s Coffee & Tea announced their acquisition of Portland-based Stumptown Coffee Roasters, a specialty coffee company. Terms of the deal went undisclosed, but it was confirmed they will not co-promote or sell Stumptown coffee in Peet’s cafes.

For several years acquisitions have been at the forefront of conversations about the craft beer industry. In most instances, craft beer consumers painted these acquisitions in a negative and dark light. The AB-Inbev purchase of Goose Island sent shock waves through the system and was met with considerable anger. Many claimed they would never drink a Goose Island beer again. Fast forward a few years, and it appears that Goose has been able to maintain a certain level of autonomy and dedicated focus on innovation.
Peet’s acquisition of Stumptown looks similar to that of AB-I/Goose, except we’ve yet to see nearly the same levels of public outcry. The New York Times article focuses on how Stumptown can leverage Peet’s logistical and operational expertise, while Peet’s will benefit from playing in the rapidly growing specialty coffee segment. We’re keen to watch the public coffee conversation unfold and evaluate the similarities we see in the beer industry. So far, the coffee world seems to be much quieter in voicing their reactions and opinions.
Nate Micklos