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Foeder for Thought festival preview

Foeder for Thought festival preview

This week we have a special preview episode for you. Last year, you may recall we led a series of discussions at Foeder for Thought, the festival for wood-aged and sour beers by Green Bench brewing in St Petersburg Florida, as part of the Tampa Bay beer week festivities. Well, it was a blast, and the team at Green Bench has invited us back to the party to do it again this year, and I’m very excited to get down there and see their cellar expansion.

They’ve been busy collaborating with a bunch of folks, and producing some of the best mixed-culture beers in the country. And Foeder for Thought is a celebration of those beers, their friendships, and their professional admiration of others. Also, it’s just a killer time.

Tickets are on sale for that fest right now, which is March 8. Hit up and you can learn all about it.

Today, I had co-founders Kris and Brian in the studio, and their colleague Valerie who runs the festival, to talk about how the festival came to be, what its ambitious are, and what’s on deck for the discussions this year: some topics that I’m excited to dig into, some personalities I’m thrilled to see on stage, and some beers I can’t wait to drink.