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CL-018 Rekindling an old flame with Peter Frost

CL-018 Rekindling an old flame with Peter Frost

Welcome to the GBH Collective, a special series of interviews where we have the chance to dive a little deeper with Good Beer Hunting contributors and journalist and media folks from within the beer industry and beyond on topics of writing, beer, and the stories you read and hear from GBH and others.

In this episode, we’re going to rekindle an old flame in Peter Frost. He’s the writer behind the MilerCoors blog, a publication which has garnered a ton of attention in the beer industry since he took it over. And it’s gotten a good amount of praise as well, which is not something that’s often granted to organizations like MillerCoors amongst beer drinkers and fellow brewers. 

You may remember Peter from our interview with him back when he was the business and beer reporter for Crain’s in Chicago. That was way back in episode 118. He’s the same guy, and has the same charming and clever personality I’ve grown to love. But this is a vastly different context in which he’s operating as a journalist.

This is Peter Frost. Listen in.