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SL-006 Eric Salazar is Building a New Barrel Program at Other Half

SL-006 Eric Salazar is Building a New Barrel Program at Other Half

What moves you? What is it that motivates your actions, beliefs, hopes, and dreams? There are all sorts of personal and professional ways to answer these questions, and sometimes we’re lucky enough to have them intertwined.

More than two decades ago, Eric Salazar helped to establish one of the most influential barrel programs in the world at New Belgium in Colorado. Its impact continues to resonate today, but with hope to push himself in new and exciting ways, Eric is starting all over again. This time, in Upstate New York.

Since the start of the New Year, Eric moved from Colorado to Rochester, where he’s in early stages of planning to create and curate a barrel program for Other Half Brewing. Going from one renowned brewery to another makes sense for a person of his tenure and expertise, but like other industry peers, he’s taking this opportunity to start anew to refocus on the details that build something special from the start, this time around with a world of knowledge and experience. 

What that will be isn’t entirely clear, but Eric’s interest in local agriculture and new relationships promises to offer something exciting. And probably tasty, too.

If you’re a beer enthusiast, you’ve likely heard—and maybe even enjoyed—the hazy IPAs that have made Other Half so beloved around the world. Now it’s time to meet the guy who’s going to change your perception of what that business is capable of.

This is Eric Salazar of Other Half Brewing. Listen in.