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CL-019 Matt Saincome is very real and very punk

CL-019 Matt Saincome is very real and very punk

What’s the right way to have sex with a dolphin? I’m sure you didn’t expect that question to be posted on a beer-focused interview show, but here we are. It’s a fun benefit—if you dare call it that—of chatting with this episode’s guest.

Matt Saincome doesn’t write about beer. He doesn’t actually drink it, either. But as founder and editor-in-chief of the satirical website The Hard Times, he does offer a unique perspective on writing and storytelling. And that’s why he’s a guest on the GBH Collective, which gives us the opportunity to dig a little deeper with fellow media members, even if their topic of choice is comedy and not IPAs.

Matt has a background in traditional journalism, but it was a serendipitous assignment to write about a man who wrote a book about intercourse with an aquatic mammal that reset his career expectations. You’ll hear all about it in this conversation, as well as our attempts to dissect the idea of truth in reporting and comedy, and what makes for creating a successful website when there are print, digital, and TV outlets all competing in satirical space. We live in a time when moments of levity can sometimes feel hard to find, and the way Matt and his team use humor to force internal reflection and laughs is something we can all appreciate.

To be up front, this conversation isn’t about beer, but it is about one person’s journey to create something unique and special, which we all endeavor to do in one way or another. 

This is Matt Saincome, founder, editor-in-chief, and straight edge punk rocker of The Hard Times. Listen in...