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Central State Brewing enters Kentucky with 100% Brett beers

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Written and released by Michael Kiser, Monday, July 8th, 2015


This week, our ambitious friends at Central State Brewing out of Indianapolis are taking a major leap, distributing their 100% brett beers to Louisville, Kentucky for the first time.

As Indianapolis natives, these guys are working hard to be a meaningful part of the culinary renaissance that's happening in small and midsize cities all over the country — and connecting with like-minded people is key to that progressive mission. 

These beers are part of the newest wave in experimental brewing, using a house yeast culture to produce something unique. They may sound familiar on the surface — a pale ale, golden ale, etc. but the results are anything but typical. 

They're hosting two launch parties at Louisville Beer Store and The Nachbar tonight and Thursday. We'd love to see you there, and help spread the word. 

The team from Central State will be available for both events. They sort of like to party. 

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Central State will be pouring beers and meeting great people all over Louisville this week, but two special parties will be happening that you won't want to miss. Come out and see their pretty brewer faces. 

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