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Update: 5 Rabbit Cerveceria Helps Latin-Americans Tell Their Story

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Written and released by Michael Kiser, Monday, June 29th, 2015

Yesterday, we released the story about 5 Rabbit Founder Andres Araya announcing that his brewery, who was brewing a “house beer” for the Trump Tower’s Rebar lounge, would be severing ties with the organization following Trump's insulting an widely-publicized remarks that offended Latinos and immigrants, saying that they were "bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists and some, I assume, are good people.” Since then Trump has further tried to defend his remarks rather than re-consider.

The story was further covered on WBEZThe Chicago Tribune, and Vice News, among others. 

Araya announced that the beer would be called “Chinga tu Madre,” and later “Chinga tu Pelo — translating to "Fuck your Hair.” According to Araya, the name changes could go on forever: “We’re just having fun with it now.”  

While the response on social media showed a disturbing rationale for some of Trump’s remarks and a bizarre understanding of the 1st Amendment (never, ever, read the comments), Araya and his team were happy to see the vast majority of people’s reactions to be in accord with their goal, including personal emails from activists who work hard to support immigrants in the US, as well as a public showing of support on social media who appreciate the issue being raised: 

"Applauding @5RabbitBrewery for their respectable move. Not easy to turn down business #craftbeer #DumpTrump" — @madelinefritz

"I've maybe NEVER wanted a brewery's beer as much as I want @5RabbitBrewery's beers today.” — @metacookbook

"Prouder today than ever to be a customer of @5rabbitbrewery. Racism, discrimination and prejudice should be confronted always in all ways.” — @patrick_donahue

The kegs, originally brewed for Trump’s Rebar lounge, are instead being sent into distribution for special tappings at bars where Araya and his team have long-standing relationships and feel diversity, inclusion, and solidarity for the Chicago community is celebrated. “I think there’s power in bringing people together to celebrate these principles. In Latin America, people are used to having to fight for inclusion too, so we’re not afraid to do it here. And why not do it with the same beer? Our beer and our brewery are meant to be inclusive too."


A variety of accounts will be tapping the beer in the next few days, and inviting Araya to join them. Gino’s East, in particular, asked if they could buy any of the remaining kegs as a show of support for Araya’s message and donate the proceeds to charity. Gino’s East will begin tapping this week and the profits will go to support The International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago, along with an additional donation from 5 Rabbit Cerveceria and any of the bars and restaurants that wish to join them.

According to Araya, “We use our brewery and our beer to tell the stories of Latin America. The International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago is committed to the same mission. When a culture can tell its true story, there is a greater chance for acceptance and inclusion. We could have chosen to open our brewery in Latin America, but we chose to do it here because the US is part of my history, and I'm proud to call it home.”

Anyone wishing to contribute to 5 Rabbit’s donation for The International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago should contact: 

Coincidentally, that’s also where you can send any of your hate mail. He’s got a pretty good spam filter for ignorance. 

The beer will begin being tapped tonight in Chicago. 

"I only wish we had more available," says Champi Garza, 5 Rabbit Sales Director. "There are so many accounts that support us and want to be part of this. I have my work cut out for me this week. Muchas Gracias Hermanos!"

The beer will be available at the following accounts: 

Bar On Buena

Later this week:
A Toda Madre 
Bad Apple 
Beer House 
Beer Market 
Blarney Stone 
Burger Antics 
Café Salsa 
Cellar Door 
Farmhouse Evanston 
Fat Cat
Gino's East 
Green Lady 
Jerry’s Andersonville 
Kuma's Corner 
Kuma's Too
Lake Street Kitchen 
Longman & Eagle 
Mama Maria's 
Maria's Packaged Goods
Monks Pub 
Moreno's Liquors
Randolph's Tavern 
Riverview Tavern 
Roots Handmade Pizza 
Standard Market 
Stoney Point 
Tango Naperville 
Tapworks Tavern 
The Barrel 
The Kinderhook Tap 
Village Tap 

5 Rabbit Cerveceria is in Bedford, Park, Illinois. 

5 Rabbit has set out to celebrate the rich tapestry of Latin American culture and historical cuisine through latin-inspired beers with a 21st century point of view.

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