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Forbidden Root — Summer Beer Cocktail Series

This summer, Good Beer Hunting and Forbidden Root are teaming up to bring you a Botanic Beer Cocktail Tour featuring some of GBH's favorite beer-focused cocktail programs in Chicago.

The flavors of Forbidden Root's botanic beers are entirely unique, and GBH thought they'd feature perfectly in a series of beer cocktails. My friends at Smallbar, Dusek's, Bad Apple, Longman & Eagle, and Trenchermen are always experimenting with new flavors, and I thought Forbidden Root's new-to-market beers were a great, fun challenge.

Each of Forbidden Root's "Botanic Beers" will get a chance to shine in the series. The root-beer like flavors of the namesake brew, the ginger and lime flavors of Sublime, and the nutty, spicy quality of Shady Character all offer a ton of flavor, aroma, and effervescence in a cocktail alongside locally-produced bourbons, rums, gins and other liquors. The exotic spice blends and brewing techniques put Forbidden Root's offerings in a totally different category than hoppy summer beers.

Check back more more details as the series continues! No tickets needed.

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Redemption rye whiskey, Shady Character beer, house-made Shady Character spiced beer syrup served neat with a walnut rim.

Food pairing:
Suppli - Roman Risotto Balls filled with smoked pork & fennel

Forbidden Root with 8-year cask aged El Dorado rum and Amargo Angostura Vallet served up with a house macerated cherry

Food pairing:
Short Rib braised with Forbidden Root beer & root vegetables

Ocho Cientos Sotol in a grapefruit beer jam and then topped off with Sublime Ginger and freshly squeezed Ruby grapefruit juice in a salt rimmed glass

Food pairing:
Lemongrass & Ginger Crème Brûlée

Where we've been

Riff on a Pimms Cup made with Sublime Ginger Wit, gin, a house borage syrup, and home-grown borage flower garnish.




A riff on the classic "Air Mail." Jamaican rum, honey, lemon, and Forbidden Root Shady Character. Chocolately, spicy (in the baking sense), earthy, yet refreshingly effervescent. 

Bourbon, Shady Character, Lemon, Sweet Tea Syrup, Orange Bitters

Food pairing: 
Chocolate Covered Bacon, Marjoram Cupcake, Pickled Chili, Walnut Fennel Jam

Letherbee Gin, Sublime Ginger Syrup, Lime, C02

Food pairing:
Poached Prawn, Black Tobiko, Wheat Grass, Banana Pudding

Goslings Black Seal Rum, Falernum, Forbidden Root, Lime Zest

Food pairing:
Cream Soda Cremeux, Licorice Pickled Cherries, Black Pepper Meringue, Basil Oil

Old Grand Dad 114, Demerara, Cream, Egg, Demerara, Forbidden Root


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