Good Beer Hunting

Aug 23-24 — Whole Larder Love — Weekend Workshop

Rohan Andersen, the Australian who left the city to live off the land and literally wrote the book on how to grow, gather, hunt, and cook your own food is coming back to the US. This time he's teaming up with Camp Wandawega to offer a weekend course full of some incredible experiences and skill sharing. 

Learn how to skin, gut, pluck, dispatch, fillet and bake your way to the whole larder love lifestyle!

Rohan will teach you how to :
Dispatch a rabbit/chicken
Pluck, gut, skin and butcher small game
How to prepare trout for smoking and curing, fillet and de-bone
Cure pork, make bacon, pancetta and chorizo sausage
Make sourdough bread, pasta's and pizza bases

Accommodation at the Camp and all food is included. This is effing serious. 

This is not a GBH event, but I sure as hell will be there.