Good Beer Hunting

Feb 25, 2018 (Chicago) — Hangover Party at Hopewell Brewing



No one sleeps for a few days after the Uppers & Downers festival, anyway, so we always figure that the least we can do is keep them entertained for one more day. In previous years we’ve held the Hangover Party at our GBH studio, but as the fest has grown, so has the HO Party. This year we were psyched to be hosted by Hopewell Brewing Company, alongside Metric Coffee and Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits—all friends and frequent U&D contributors and collaborators.


Guests showed up late and bleary-eyed—some with a dog or a kid in tow. Coffee was consumed quickly and liberally. Candied bacon and biscuits were devoured. Guests brought along bottles and growlers of beer and cider to share—it took awhile for the booze to start flowing, but eventually everyone was back on top.

Once a critical mass of guests and caffeine was hit, we started recording a podcast. Each year we record a recap of the event and collaborations—roasters, brewers, and participants talking about their experience and approach. Sadly, this podcast normally features our Irish-accented partner, Stephen Morrissey, and he was unable to attend this year. We replaced his coffee expertise with Jen Hoverstad and Nick Kohout of Counter Culture Coffee, and along with Michael, the trio brought participants up to discuss the fest and collaborations. They talked to:

Josh Littlefield and Zach Wright (La Marzocco)
Jess Salgado (Metric Coffee) and Jake Guidy (Hopewell Brewing)
Hillary Schuster and Jim Placy (GBH)
Justin Doggett (Kyoto Black)
Jacob Sembrano (Cruz Blanca) and Robbie Bersano (Sparrow)
Tim Gormley (Burial Beer Co.)

Listen to the podcast now and we'll see you next year!

Photos from the 2108 Chicago festival

photos by Stephanie Byce