Good Beer Hunting

Feb 21st — Uppers & Downers Hangover Party w/ Sprudge


You won't sleep for a couple days after the Uppers & Downers festival — so the least we can do is keep you entertained. 

We're psyched to be joining up with our friends st Sprudge, the world's most popular coffee publication, to host a Hangover Party for Uppers & Downers this year.

Our plan it to get together and talk about some of our favorite and most intriguing coffee beers from the Uppers & Downers festival from the night before, and record it all for the GBH Podcast along with 30 or so of our closest friends and fans. 

Sprudge co-founder, Jordan Michelmen will be joining us, and U&D brewers and roasters will be welcome. Intelligentsia, and Bang Bang Pies are all on-board. 

Space will be very limited. This isn't a replacement for the festival itself — not even close — this in informal nerdery. Prepare yourself. 


Sprudge Hangover Party

Access to podcast recording, snacks and tastings, Q+A session. 

No physical tickets will be mailed. ID and name will be checked at the door. 21+ only. No alcohol will be sold.

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