Good Beer Hunting

Feb 15th Uppers & Downers Irish Coffee Competition

We're pleased to announce a companion event to this year’s festival of coffee, beer, and coffee beer. On the Monday before the Uppers & Downers festival, a handful of the city’s best bar minds will engage in a friendly competition. Each will present their best take on an Irish Coffee, perhaps the most classic example of an Uppers & Downers beverage, featuring Teeling Whiskey and Intelligentsia coffees.

The judges' top selection will be awarded a cash prize and their Irish Coffee variation will be featured at Thalia Hall during the Main Event on Saturday Feb, 20th.

The competition is free with RSVP and open to the public. The competitors will be pouring tastes for guests from 7-­9pm; space is limited and RSVP does not guarantee entry.

Graham Heubach & Laura Kelton Sportsman’s Club
Charlie Schott ­Parson’s Chicken & Fish
Mony Bunni ­Queen Mary
Bob Begandy ­Dusek’s Board & Beer
Clint Rogers (The Dogma Group) ­Beacon Tavern
Dianna Sanders ­The Promontory
Carlos Matias Band of Bohemia

Emma Janzen, IMBIBE digital editor
Michael Kiser, Good Beer Hunting
Lindsay Tyler, Good Beer Hunting
Stephen Morrissey, World Barista Champion
Jay Cunningham, Intelligentsia