Good Beer Hunting

Nov 10th — Yodo con Leche — Educational Coffee + Beer Tasting


This may be the first time a brewer and coffee roaster travelled together to origin to make a coffee beer. 

This year, Good Beer Hunting joined Andres Araya of 5 Rabbit Cerveceria and Tristan Coulter of Gaslight Coffee Roasters on a trip through the Costa Rican mountains in search of the coffee that would help create Yodo con Leche. 

Now, we're putting together an unprecedented deep-dive experience into how and why these two went so far to create a coffee beer from origin. Guests will be able to experience a full cupping of the coffee, the resulting cold brew, the base beer, and the final blended product all side-by-side with the experts who created it. 

We also have a couple surprises. Of course.