Good Beer Hunting

Olly Olly — Auch Sind Frei — 2017

This past year we once again brought a group of 50 friends, collaborators and clients into the woods of Wisconsin for an epic weekend of food and drink at Camp Wandawega. This little outing that started with a dozen friends on a fishing trip 5 years ago has continued to evolve into a platform for cooperation and collaboration amongst industry peers and fans alike. This year we were even able to share a few invitations with our subscriber community, the Fervent Few. 

We're thankful to our friends David and Thereasa at Camp Wandawega for sharing their idiosyncratic campground with us each year, and to the food and beverage collaborators who share their wares and expertise in such a generous spirit. This non-profit event is our sort of anti-corporate retreat, helping people from across the industry connect for more than the passing moments they get at a festival or over Twitter. These few days tend to end one year on a high note, and start the next with a renewed energy. It's our way of giving back to a group of people we respect, serve, and learn from.  

Special thanks to our friends at Potluck Creative for direction, videography and editing, and Andrew Thiboldeaux for the original music score. 

You can see the full recap story from Hillary Schuster, our co-owner and Experience Director here. 

Written by Michael kiser
Video by Potluck Creative