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Fervent Few — It’s the Thought that Counts

The holidays are upon us, which means you’ve probably got some shopping to do. But what do you get the person in your life who enjoys great beer, fine food, delicious wines, and great coffee? As we learned last week, that’s a perfect way to describe the members of the Fervent Few. So this week, we asked them what gifts they want. It’s the Fervent Few’s first gift guide! Please enjoy, and remember: it’s the thought that counts.


Brandon Morreale: “I think everyone’s lives would be improved with a Chefsteps Joule Sous Vide.”

(Jim’s note: Also recommended is the Anova sous vide.)

Manny Gumina: “I'm looking to get a pin cask and all of the necessary equipment for serving cask ale. I love real ale, and it's difficult to find spots in my area consistently serving beer on cask. I figure I'll attempt to make it myself and serve it to my family and friends.”

Mike Sardina: “I'm always interested in brewery-branded socks as a killer holiday gift. Nothing is finer than kicking back with a fresh pair of comfy socks and a super, haze-bomb glass of NE IPA.”

Brad: “Mixed pack of Japanese Kit Kats for the Candy lover available on Amazon, Vliet socks [from Threes Brewing] for the Pilsner lover in your life, a bottle of Vanilla Medianoche available for $300-450 on the secondary market.”

Chris Koentz:This, alongside some nice freshly roasted beans. A multi-year vertical of Anchor Christmas Ale, as many as you can find for me. And for those who need haze in their life.”

Rick Owens: “A magnum of Slow Bustle—maybe two. A new 8" chef’s knife. Some Koko Buni from Creature Comforts.”

Rob Day: “Anything from these guys [at Cask Force] is amazing, but this maple syrup aged in Bissell Brothers Porter barrels is on fire!”

Alex Marino: “It's not that I'm a GBH shill or anything, but I love my Hermetus. And my magnetic bottle opener.  Whenever I have friends over and they use it, they pretty much order one for themselves the next day.”

(Jim’s note: GBH does not make the Hermetus sealer, we only sell it...)

Kristen Foster: “I think these bottle openers are awesome. I just got a cribbage board, otherwise this would have been on my wish list. I’ve seen other breweries do this too.”

Hillary Schuster: “I'm super into fancy scissors and shears (particularly for flower arranging). 
Everything on this site is incredible. I love room spray that doesn't remind you of Glade in the ‘80s. This brand is great. Some of my favorite artists are creating botanicals with paper. Maybe I can learn how with this book. I do a lot of calligraphy. I want a slider writer, but they all seem to be out of stock. I'm making my brother get me a Silhouette Mint, and I might get his girlfriend an online calligraphy class. Pennants and banners from Oxford. Lastly, we could use a nice set of cheese knives. Either of these from Terrain would do.”

JaeSun Riley: “Justin Kennedy's scratch and sniff beer book.”

Alyssa Pereira: “Big, simple bordeaux glasses. I think they work really nicely for aromatic beers and wild ales. Also, a friend got me these 9-oz. nonic tumbler glasses a couple years ago and I love them for IPAs. They're the perfect size for splitting a 16-oz. can with someone while still leaving a little head room in each glass.”

Zack Rothman:Tasting Beer, a great resource for anyone that loves craft beer. Also, The Brewmaster’s Table, because pairing beer is fun and Garrett Oliver is cool.”

Jason Berg: “My wish list has black, opaque blind tasting glasses, but I really do not want glasses that cost $22-30+ each that I will only use for special tastings.”

Grant McFarren: “A Hario Mini Mill coffee grinder so I can enjoy a nice pour over and not wake up my fiancé on those early brew days.”

Tori Mason: “I’d love a solid tasting notebook. My friend has a slightly-larger-than-pocket-sized version with some flavor charts and prompts for styles. Seems a little more charming than logging everything by phone.”

Lana Svitankova: “Books on beer or magazines subscriptions. Some beer-bonds like BrewDog does, I've heard a lot of breweries do such crowdfunding with benefits. Bottle of beer with up to 7 years of storage in brewery's cellar. Handmade glass (contemporary or antique).Tickets to festivals.”

Ian Davis: “I am all for the trend of brewery socks! Beer-related, I typically ask for a Jackie O’s t-shirt or hat each year. I also love when anyone buys me a new and interesting glass. I sent my older sister a laundry list of local coffee roasters that I need to keep in stock at all times. The true mega gift is an espresso machine, which I know will not happen.”

Nick Naretto:The Beer Peen Hammer from GBH: This thing is on a different level. I’d love to add it to my opener collection. Willi Becher Glass from Dancing Gnome: I somehow don’t have Willi Becher glass yet, and the one from Dancing Gnome has a gold leaf skyline of Pittsburgh, so it can’t get much better than that. Bristol Beer Glass from Simon Pearce: Ever since Kristen Foster’s b-Roll, I’ve wanted one of these beautiful glasses. M.F.O.F. from Maggie’s Farm Rum: If I told you it was rum, your mind would be blown. Pre-mixed old fashioned in a bottle for this lazy cocktail enthusiast. Beanie from Cinderlands Beer Co.: The beer is great and the food is fantastic so why not rep them on my head this winter? It features a patch with their initials that is subtle but I’d still get to rep this awesome place.”

(Jim’s note: ...but the Beer Peen Hammer, on the other hand, is exclusive to GBH.)

Kirk Karczewski: “Beer socks. I just sent the Threes link to my wife.”

There you go. Just when you thought socks were a bad gift, turns out they are the perfect gift. Hit us up on social media and let us know what you think a great gift would be. Or you could ask someone to buy you a year-long subscription to the Fervent Few. Have them send me the receipt and I’ll send you a pair of my socks.

Hosted by Jim Plachy