Good Beer Hunting

no. 479

B-Roll 23rd July-1.jpg

How quickly do you think you can eat a pickled egg?

With our esteemed associate from Atlanta, Austin L Ray, in town on vacation with his wife and incredibly cool young son, it was only natural that he and the London-based GBH gang go out for pints. After a few rounds of Camden Hells (a new fave of Austie’s), we trundled through the drizzling rain to the Southampton Arms, Claire Bullen and Jonny Garrett’s local.

Claire’s loving descriptions of the pub’s pork-filled baps had our mouths watering and stomachs rumbling, though dreams of protein and carbs were dashed when we discovered they’d run out. Still, pints of Jarl on cask—Fyne Ales’ wildly popular Citra-hopped Pale Ale—were ordered, an only marginally damp table in the beer garden was found, and bums were placed firmly onto seats.

Although the sunny London we’d hoped to show Austin had taken leave for the day, the sound of ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” [Editor’s note: another Austie fave!] flitted outside from the pub’s piano—played by a man who’s apparently always playing—and spirits were subsequently high.

Plus, I learned I can pretty swiftly scarf down an egg.

Words + Picture
Lily Waite