Good Beer Hunting

no. 482


When you’re out making trouble with Kyle Kastranec, and he notices that the bar has cans of Coors Heavy, you better get ready to Banquet and Chill your ass off. That was the case for me on a recent trip to Atlanta, where Kyle was reporting this week’s forthcoming feature—a Signifier piece on ATL’s groundbreaking new brewery, Halfway Crooks.

Full disclosure: I left early.

I chose to maximize the “chill” and forgo some of the “Banquet,” and I regret nothing. But as a result, I only got a small taste of the near-biblical flood of beers Kyle brought down upon a table shared with GBH’s resident ATLien, Austin L. Ray. Judging by the way they looked the next morning at breakfast, it’s safe to say that Kyle met the $10 minimum.