Good Beer Hunting

no. 398


As often as I can, I escape to the Hill Country to join friends at Jester King Brewery. In the summer, it's an escape from the unbearably hot concrete of downtown Austin—the temperature seems to drop 10 degrees once you step foot on the property. Along with the pleasant climate, you'll usually also find full picnic tables, buzzing with energy.

But on this chilly January night, we saw another side of the brewery's allure. Stillness. The intrepid few who've remained late into the evening are huddled near the heaters on the small patio or by the fire that struggles to fight the dropping temperature. By the outdoor draft station, I huddle with pals around a barrel. SPON Muscat is our clear favorite from the day. Peering out into the darkness, we become quiet, standing together in the silence, enjoying this special place.

Eventually, we're shook back to life by the smell of Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza. Turns out, there are many sides to the allure of Jester King.