Good Beer Hunting

no. 397

Social Media Free Bottle Share.jpg

Social media can be fun, informative, and inspiring, of course. But it can also be overwhelming, negative, and frustrating. Sometimes, you just need to put the phone down and enjoy a beer with some friends.

Thankfully, one of mine, beer blogger Peter McKerry, recently decided to enforce this idea with a social-media-free bottle share. He set up shop in the back of Caps & Taps, a bottle store run by our friends Phill and Steph Palgrave-Elliott, and the rules were simple: you brought some beers to share, and your phone stayed in your pocket. Break the second rule, and your phone gets locked in a box until the share ends. Peter also asked everyone attending to make a donation to local food bank The Trussell Trust, raising £100 in the process.

Instead of scrambling to tweet or Instagram each thrilling beer, I turned my focus to the beer itself as it was poured and the conversation that flowed as a result. And wouldn't you know it, a feeling of deep relaxation washed over me. Of course, I cheated a bit with my camera, taking this photo that will be tweeted and posted to Facebook. Please don't tell Peter.