Good Beer Hunting

no. 443


Michael Stanzel spent seven years studying and brewing in Germany. Now, he’s back in his hometown of Melbourne, in charge of the beer at Burnley Brewing’s small brewpub and production facility. The brewpub boasts a 4-barrel brew kit and a bar with stools that encourage drinkers to sit, watch, and chat with the brewers as they work.

To make use of the space, Stanzel’s started hosting small—and free!—homebrewing sessions for groups of eager students. Tonight, he’s putting his German education to work. As a dozen or so engaged homebrewers look on, he waxes ecstatic about the yeast and fermentation intricacies of Lager.

Meanwhile, that Kolsch he’s holding is a bit of a rebellious thing which includes an addition of cucumber. Maybe he left some of his learnings back in Germany after all.